Thelma Frye

Dear Capability Brown Society,

I have just perused a lot of information about the Tennis Court proposals for Wimbledon Park Golf course. Including inputfrom you.

I live in a flat overlooking the Golf Course in Wimbledon Park Road. I am just one person against the endless wealth and influence of All England Tennis. I am now 96 and have lived here for nearly 30 years. As I grow older, my pleasure in life is ever more dependent on the view from my window. The trees, grass and lake of Capability Brown’s landscape. I am devastated and heartbroken that it will be ruined by the All England plans. They have assured me it will take years to build, which means that for the remainder of my life, instead of my present glorious view I will overlook a building site.

I am writing to you to beg you to do everything possible to assure that they do not get planning permission.

With many thanks,

Mrs Thelma Frye