A Vision for Capability Brown’s Wimbledon Park

Dear Capability Brown Society Member

Reason for a ‘Vision’ for the Future of Capability Brown’s Wimbledon Park, London SW19 –

During recent months in the lockdown there has been an increasing awareness of the importance of wellbeing, physical activity and mental health, associated with green spaces such as Wimbledon Park London SW19, which is a remainder of the 18th Century park landscaped by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown. In recent years, proposals and plans have been put forward by Merton Borough Council and others, to ensure the future enjoyment, interest in and understanding of Wimbledon Park, by all residents in Merton and Wandsworth, the community around the park – and from further afield.

The Capability Brown Society, in collaboration with experts and professionals who have been involved in producing these plans and proposals, has agreed, that with recent developments in the wider heritage parkland in mind, eg The All England Lawn Tennis Club’s acquisition of the golf course land in Wimbledon Park, that the time is now right to bring forward a ‘Vision’ for the future continuing use and enjoyment by all users of the larger area of Capability Brown’s Wimbledon Park, so that the historic openness of the parkland might be well protected.

Synopsis of Proposed Strategy for the Future of Wimbledon Park –

In our ‘Vision’ for the future of the Park, we have produced a Synopsis of our proposed strategy starting with an ‘Introduction’ on the background and history of the Park and the reasons why the Park is on Historic England’s ‘At Risk Register’. In Part II of our ‘Vision,’ we set out details of the Society’s response to anticipated development proposals, with ideas for the continuing enjoyment, and understanding of the bio-diversity, habitat, and nature conservation planning, essential for the Future of The Heritage Wimbledon Park, about which its users care so much.

Safety Works to the Capability Brown dam in Wimbledon Park –

Included in our ‘Vision Part II ’we describe the safety works currently being carried out by Merton Borough Council, in accordance with its statutory responsibilities, on Capability Brown’s dam and outfall, to ensure that there is no chance of the dam failing. Unfortunately, London Borough of Merton have chosen a design that keeps the Lake level too high, which means that storm flows cannot be stored in the Lake but have to go quickly down the brook to flood the park.  There is more risk to the children’s play area, Mario’s Café, the crazy golf, beach volleyball courts and public gardens. Flooding could be a metre deep near the Café and will happen more often.

We have therefore included a Comments / Suggestions page on our website, www.thecapabilitybrownsociety.com. We would be grateful for all your Ideas, comments and suggestions, regarding any aspect of our ‘Vision’, designs, plans and proposals for the ‘Future of The Heritage Wimbledon Park Landscape’. Please contact us, using our email, visionwp2021@thecapabilitybrownsociety.com, to let us know what you think.

With kind regards

Chris Baker – Director / The Capability Brown Society

The Vision
(Part 1 – click on image to view Synopsis of proposed strategy for the future of Capability Brown’s Wimbledon Park)

The Vision
(Part 2 – click on image to view details of proposals and ideas for the future of the Heritage Wimbledon Park landscape)