Wimbledon Park Angling Club

Welcome to Wimbledon Park Angling Club (WPAC)

A not for profit organisation run and managed by Club Members through an elected Committee. The Club has its own Constitution and Rules and members are expected to follow these as a condition of Membership. WPAC has exclusive rights to fish Wimbledon Park Lake via a license issued by Wimbledon Park Golf Club, the legal owners of the fishing rights to the Lake.

While the prime aim of the Club is to secure and maintain the fishing experience for Members, the Club is deeply committed to the ecological well-being of the plants, animals and birds which are to be found in and around the Lake.

Club members are encouraged to contact the Environment Agency in the case of suspected pollution and fish kills, and the Club also makes regular donations to the Swan Sanctuary and the Angler’s Trust.

Fishing the Lake can be quite challenging given it is very shallow and often full of weed. It has a modest stock of large carp, bream and pike. At the moment there is an extended waiting list for membership.

If you would like to visit our angling demonstrations of carp fishing on either Saturday or Sunday afternoon, please click here!

Wimbledon Park Angling Club – guardians of the Lake for over 70 years.